Day 95, Tamagawa to Namita beach/Otsuchi




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Right beside where we were staying there was a heap of the houses that have been built for the tsunami affected families, a very safe place but not their own home by any means. Then as I ran down the hill into another town straight away you could see just how much has been lost.


These signs are all over this coast road that I’m running. Just remember it is now 16 months since the tsunami hit .



I found my first sign of the end today with this sign of Kesennuma being only 143kms away. I got happy and sad at the same time. I started to think of our NZ run and the same time and feelings I had then, Just to be this close is a amazing feeling. Cant believe we have almost dorm it again. Hell yeah!!


I had a lot of hills to climb but a lot of the time I ran along side the ocean. Iwate is a very beautiful Prefecture with lots of green and views of the water. A few shots from today.






I even found  dairy farm today, poor cows are shut up in here the whole time. But they did look super healthy all the same.

Over the next hill I found the whole ocean in front of me was full of 1000’s of pots and oyster farms. pretty amazing to see but sorry the photos don’t quite show it.


These next shots are of this little town and what it is now and then the last shot is of what it was. all gone.



After the sun being out and me slowly turning a nice shade of red the clouds came back and with it the fog too. Not how I wanted to end the day.


Today I did 55kms and we are now under a 100kms to go. Exciting times everyone.

Here is the map of todays run       Click Here

One thought on “Day 95, Tamagawa to Namita beach/Otsuchi

  1. It is Hirayama who introduces myself as a Fuuraibou(Vagabond)
    Tomorrow is finally the last day
    Please do its best in Safety First!
    I want to actually go to run in the goal together
    It costs money to go from Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-Prefecture (& It is an operation day)
    So Today, I raised funds to you! Please confirm it
    なので今日、募金をしました。 確認して下さい

    I have you support Japan, and thank you very much
    A wonderful goal! Spend the wonderful life!
    素敵なゴールを! 素敵な人生を!

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