Day 94, Noda to Settai / Tora




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Foggy again but suppose to come sunny so off we went . I was happy as I could finally see the water and not just 300m in front of me. SO green in Iwate and with the bush comes hills and I was either running up or down today.



Even had a heap of tunnels which has been a while too. The views when it came sunny where awesome as you can see.



Lately I have been running a few 10km sections to make the day go a little faster and the first one I picked today just happened to be 9kms up and 1 km along/down so I was pushed the whole way but no way I was given in to a hill. it did nearly beat me with the last 2 Kms going up to 10% steepness , I think I was running felt like I was, My time was good so must have been. Climbed 380m over 9 kms in the hour.

Thankfully that was lunch almost and a good feed of Ramen got me back into it, I was feeling a little heavy in the legs but think I was just hungry. I then ran over this Bridge to get the arvo started.


Shingo got a couple of cool shots today.


This is the view from this bridge, So many hills and thankfully bridges in some places.


I did 54kms today and are now only 145kms from the end, Oh yeah 3days to go people.

Have been getting lots of letters and emails and also friends calling up saying they are coming to finish so real happy and some power to keep me happy everyday. Can’t wait to see everyone and be able to chill with you all and of course not have to get up and run off the next morning.  Thanks so much everyone. Love yas.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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