Day 92, Hiranuma to Hashikami




PC版につきましてはWeekly レポートがご覧頂けます。

Weekly レポートはこちらから


RIght from the start it was foggy and overcast and a little colder than yesterday but today was a big day in my life and this run. I would be making the 4000km mark today. Yahoo and was I excited to do that ,Hell yeah!


After a bit of a long feeling morning I finally woke up and the legs moved better. I had called my super friend and well ex wife Aki who nows in Hachinohe. She came down with new hubby and little 8 month old daughter . Was great to catch up even for just 10 mins.

Didnt get to many photos today but just these as we came into Hachinohe.


SO wish I had time to play golf, at the top of the list for next week.


We arrived at just before 4pm and Shingo had found us some Corona’s to celebrate this huge number.I ran 54kms today to hit the 4000km mark right on the dot.  4000kms is something I had never thought I would ever do, I was super happy to do 2937kms in New Zealand . We are now 5 days and 250kms from the finish. The last thing to do is make the finish with a smile on and no problems and I will be more than happy.

Marianne designed the sign. Thankyou so so much Mari.



I can’t tell you how good it feels and well how good that Corona tasted. Has been to long. There will be a few going down all week I think. Thanks to every one for writing in and all the continued support from our super sponsors.

Here is the map of todays run      Click Here

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