Day 91, Higashidori to Hiranuma




PC版につきましてはWeekly レポートがご覧頂けます。

Weekly レポートはこちらから


Another foggy overcast day but still was around 22 degrees all day so nice to run in. I found this drawing on a sign, Love it.


There wasn’t much going on all day and with no sunshine the views didn’t change at all. Sorry but this is all I got from today. We are coming down the coast now and also there are heaps of lakes around here. Some good fishing to I’m told.




When we were in Oma right at the top 2 days ago we meet Nakamura san and he did a interview with us. He rang me this morning to say we were in his newspaper today and that he had also sent it off to “Mainichi Shinbun” which is a Japan wide newspaper. I was so stoked as we have been having trouble getting in the papers, One of them told me that I wasn’t doing anything special the other day. I just laughed but was a bit shocked inside.

But Nakamura san pulled out a huge one for us and I can’t thank him enough. Great to be able to let the locals now what we are doing.


Today I ran a bit more than always and pushed out 58kms but did it in the same time I have been running, Didn’t feel like I was running faster but just didn’t take as many breaks as always.  Tomorrow is a special day but Ill tell you then.  6 days to run Yahoo!!!!!

Here is the map of todays run  Click Here

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