Day 89, Day Off . Ferry to Oma from Hakodate




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Weekly レポートはこちらから

After a great nite out with Junpei and his dad Endo san we had a little bit of a early start for a day off as we were on the ferry over to Oma today.

The awesome team down at Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry’s donated our ride over . We went in the day before and had a meeting with Sato san and Osawa san and they were super nice. Then when we went in to check in they said we could go for free. A huge help and super support. Thankyou so so much.  The ferry was great and we got to chill for 2 hrs on super smooth seas.  Check them out next time you gotta go over to or from Hokkaido.



Last night when Shingo was out with Junpei they went down to see some friends and the bar staff at “Sun Beach”  dug deep and hooked up a donation . Super great as we havent had to many lately Thankyou so much .Ill be back to have a beer with you soon.

The ride over was so good, Views were awesome and no waves or wind.


Now Oma is world famous for Tuna fishing and when these boys say big tuna they mean big, These photos I found on the ship of of 200kgs fish, HUGE. It is tuna season in sept and oct so we didnt get to see them .


Once we made Oma at about 11am we went up to Cape Oma and had a look around, Not heaps there but was sunny and we just got to relax  for a bit. The water was super clear .




We when checked in a nice little hotel and Marianne went for a walk to later come back with a local lady and half boozed telling me that Nakamura san from the To-O Nippo Press newspaper was on his way to see me. She had meet some locals and 3 guys from Misawa and they had got her drunk(HAHA) and also got us a interview, I was stoked. Just what we need to get this last week going. Thankyou so much Marianne.

Then Minami san and his 2 mates offered to take us out for dinner which was even more great. We had a few beers and a great feed . A huge thanks to Minami san . Arigatou gozaimasu

A great fun relaxing day had and now it is time to get my shoes back on and finish this run off. So excited!!!


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