Day 88. Ishiya station to Hakodate ferry terminal




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Lots of fog again to start the day off but the temp was up straight away. I was looking forward to today for a while now as it was the last day of Hokkaido and the day before my day off.


Once the sun was out it got hot, up to 25 degrees and only a small breeze coming off the water when we had it. We past a couple of lakes along the way to which were awesome. All day was up and down but nothing real big . I had to have a couple of ice blocks to cool me down but that just made me happier.




It was a shorter day today with just 46kms . When I got into Hakodate I saw this sign with 1km to go and I just started smiling. So happy to get here. I arrived at 3pm into Hakodate Ferry Terminal which we will sail from at 9.30am tomorrow.


After checking in to our hotel a quick Osen and then we were off with Endo san and his son Junpei who is good mates with Shingo and I have meet a few years ago. We went out to Hachikyou. Super nice staff and food was unreal. Hakodate is great to seafood and it doesn’t get any fresher at Hachikyou. Thankyou so much Endo san for a great evening.


We then headed for a beer as tomorrow is off , we dropped into a bar “Stone Love ” which is where Junpei is a DJ most weeks. A great owner and atmosphere. Nice chill Reggae tunes .


We also went for a drive around Hakodate before we had a beer that is and went up Mt Haokdate which is voted 3rd in the world for the view of the city, It was awesome. We would have stayed for longer but the guards weren’t happy that we drove up there before the 10pm deadline. No cars before 10, stupid rule and they were trying to stop us from getting to the top but Junpei just drove past and we got to see the view. Thanks bro.

Another great day and week on the road. Big thanks to Outland Japaho for translating another big week of Blog and just for helping me out with so many different things. You guys rock big time. Arigatou.

Sweet dreams all. Thankyou Hokkaido

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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