Day 87, Oshamanbe to Ishiya station




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Had great nite stay at SHAMAN in Oshamande, The owner was a very nice guy and looked after us real well, Big thanks to him.  great little pension . Check it out


There was a good fog coming in off the ocean which was kind of good as it kept the hot sun off me for a few hours because once it was out


I slowly turned a very nice red colour. We ran right along side the ocean the whole day. Beautiful views all day.



We are right down the bottom of Hokkaido now with just tomorrow to go here. We have been here for 16 days and run 800 plus Kms in that time with one day off. It has been a fun trip though Hokkaido. Thankyou everyone.


Shingo poped a couple of shots off today while he was chilling . I really just wanted to go to the beach for the arvo and play on my DMS stand up paddle board but boxed on as a good boy should.



We did 55kms today and will be running into Hakodate tomorrow . The last day and we have only 10 days to go now, can’t believe it.

Here is the map of todays map     Click Here

2 thoughts on “Day 87, Oshamanbe to Ishiya station

  1. You are great! Is it already Hokkaido vertical section?
    凄い! もう、北海道縦断ですか?
    I cheer you from Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka!
    (I publicize you to my friend without permission)

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