Day 86, Konbu to Oshamande




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We had a great night out and a very nice stay here at the Yusenkata Hotel in konbu. They helped us out with a bit of discount which was great. Big thank you to them.  I know that Marianne and Shingo enjoyed the hot bath that was there.Marianne had 3 baths in about 12 hours, Crazy aye.


I found this crazy looking beetle last night. Lots of them in Japan.

It was a beautiful and hot day today which was great, It has been a while since we had this much sunshine. The green grass of Hoakkaido was looking amazing today.  Lots of up and downs today just to keep me on my toes.




We did 55kms today and it has taken the total up to 3732kms now, I think we will do more than the 4100 i first thought.

While I was taking a break I checked out the old Facebook and saw that Takuji was heading our way and dropped him a message and sure enough he arrived about 40mins after we finished. Great to see him again, Funny as we both have so different plans but have run into each other 3 times now. Always fun

We went to get dinner and ran into these high school kids who play for the local Baseball team, Very friendly kids, Thanks for saying hi.

We are 2 days away from Hakodate now, which is  days from my last holiday, Awesome looking forward to it.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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