Day 85, Kimobetsu to Konbu ( via Niseko)




PC版につきましてはWeekly レポートがご覧頂けます。

Weekly レポートはこちらから


First up a huge thank you to Nakamura san from Sky Be Pension in Rusutsu area for feeding us and looking after us last night. He was super cool and helped us out heaps.  Click out their site if you are planning to go skiing there       SKY BE


The sun was out and we were in for a special day running though some beautiful countryside with awesome hills all around.Here is Mt Yotei trying to pop his head out.


What a awesome spot for a day out fishing and these guys are making the most of this sunday thats for sure.


Found Shingo working hard in his green deck chair , not a bad office aye.


Just before and in Kutchan I got to meet up with some old friends from when I was living up here. First Honma san who I worked with at the Snowboard World Cup, Awesome and super nice guy.

Then I made a few calls around and Yone 2 helped me get in touch with Yone 1 and his family, They meet me up the road a bit which was great. Thankyou for the drinks and bars.


My old work place and a truly special place for people from all over the world, NISEKO ski resort, home of deep powder and tree runs. when I was here not  a lot here but now there is some amazing hotels/ condos around and lots more restaurants and cafes. Great to see but dont want it to get any bigger.


More shots from though out the day.




We got to Konbu at 4pm and found a place to stay when we went and saw my old boss Odajima san and his wife. They own 343 ski shop here in Niseko and I use to work there. Master had a great BBQ waiting for us. So awesome to see them again and great to chill with friends again. I really have had a great day meeting everyone. Arigatou!!


Marianne had a run in with one of the dogs and the dog won , she got a bit of a bite on the hand when she went to pat him, But she is ok.

Today was a pretty easy day on the road and we did bang on 50kms. Seem to go fast let slow as I felt tired from running around after I have been running around but all smooth which is all I want. We are up to 3677kms now and only 12 days to go. Wow it is getting close. So exciting.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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