Day 84, Ishiyama to Kimobetsu




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With just 3 hrs sleep and after drinking 7-8 beers which I havent done for a while now I was thinking this could be a long day especially when I knew I had a climb ahead too. Now that climb was a little more than a climb, it was 33kms of up and I mean it just kept going the whole 33kms. Now if I wasn’t wrong I would say I are getting a tad fit now as the only thing I was worried about all morning was what was I going to have for lunch when I go to the top. I smashed the whole hill with my breaks in there of course but kinda enjoyed it too.

The views were pretty cool too, Back in the real country side .



Had a few tunnels to run though too which makes it more fun, some are pretty narrow and was a bit of a mission for Marianne in some of them.



Even though it was overcast it was real hot and the sun did come out a bit in the morning.


I did 53kms today and it went pretty fast , I was a little tired sometimes but pretty good.

As soon as I finished we checked in and I had a quick shower before jumping in the van and driving  back to Sapporo as I had a dinner date with my step daughter Haluka and her Grandma. SO awesome to see halu again , she is getting big now and has just turned 16. Watch out.

Got to catch up on what she has been up to and of course check her english is still coming along, she got real good when we lived in Aussie and she has done well not to lose it since coming back home to Japan.


Then I jumped back in the van and drove the 1.5hrs back to Kimobetsu to have a good sleep I hope, I really need it tonight. We are off to Niseko tomorrow , can’t wait a few friends to catch up with there too.

Big shout out to Gilly and the boys who are over on a boat surfing their guts out. Enjoy boys .

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

One thought on “Day 84, Ishiyama to Kimobetsu

  1. Jup mate your chomping through the miles!! serious is the back and body holding out on you? when you free for a call? Ive got access to a landline tomorrow so could give you a hola? Great effort again mate~ top stuff..

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