Day 83, Iwamizawa to Ishiyama (via Sapporo)




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Overcast but warm again which is not a bad kombi and I ran well again so the 54kms we did went pretty fast. The road was straight as for most of the day until we hit Sapporo when we made our way though and out the side door towards Ishiyama.

I have been up this road a heap of times but first time I have seen this huge Buddha dude.


Was raining by the end but all good as it was now party time. Yep we were off to have dinner and a few beers with my great friend and old boss Murakami san, his wife and Mori kun. I was so happy to have made it here and to see everyone again just made my whole Hokkaido trip. Murakami san is a very special man, Super nice and a bloody hard worker.

Takuji also came along with a mate and also another special guest Tanko san ,I have worked with her at the Mogul W/C for the last 10 years. Didnt know but Mori has a hot new partner and she is very nice . So happy for the big guy.

Thankyou so so much Murakami san, See you all again real soon.


After we said our goodbyes to Murakami san tachi we headed to see Suguru . He is a great mate of Shingos and one of my boys who use to come to NZ a lot. Their bar in Susukino called Zanshin is a awesome little bar, Lots of atmosphere and a very chilled feeling. Great to meet some new people and catch up with Gaku and Suguru.


Then me and Shingo shot off to see the boys at Snow King. Its going to be a ski shop .The boys are all x Japan team mogul skiers who are just amazing on skis. Getting right into back country skiing. Big mountains and deep powder . Keep a eye out for this shop to open soon in Susukino.


A late finish at 3am which meant I was going to struggle getting up in 3 hours to go for another run. Can I do it?

Here is the map of todays run    Click Here

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