Day 82, Fukagawa to Iwamizawa




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


A overcast but really warm day today and with Sapporo getting closer everyday I was pretty pumped. Same as always and off at 8am to only get 10kms down the road and I get a call from Shingo going” ah jup the van won’t start” . I was like what? our super van won’t start  not a chance but as I got there and we got the garage dude to come check it out we found out the Battery was buggered.  So 30 mins later we had a new one but the bank took a bit of a bang too but no worries aye.

Big thanks to the guy at Hokkaido Energy Petrol station for helping us out

Here is a few shots from today



I ran 56kms again today which is becoming a little bit of the norm at the mo, wish it would come down a little but oh well it is only another half a hour on the road and good for the fitness.

Shingo fast asleep after another long day on the road.

Me and Marianne went out for dinner and this is my awesome dinner. Man I love Japanese food. Shingo was still full from our late lunch and I think a bit tired too.

Not much more today so Ill head off to bed to let the old body get ready for another one tomorrow. Sweet dreams all.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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