Day 81, Asahikawa to Fugakawa




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Watching the news last night I was thinking I was in for a hard day running into the wind and rain but I must have some good luck with me as it was just a light rain most of the day.

We ran 54kms today and I are feeling great. Was a bit lost in another world today ,not sure why but didnt feel in it at all. The day did go pretty fast though.

Here are a couple of shots I took today.



Not a lot to look at really so sorry this is all I got today.

Today I want to show you some more photos of the areas that were hit by the Tsunami. The before ,after and now photos. It will just show you more of what was and is and why we are doing this run . I can’t say enough of how much is still to be done.

We went to most of these towns already and the ones we haven’t yet we will be going though them in the last week of the run.



A couple of shots of the waves coming though and before the water went back out, So many places where left with lakes where Paddocks were.


So towns went up in flames. The ocean was all on fire fueled not just by the petrol but then all the debit that was floating around.


Once the water returned to sea this is what everyone had to look at and try and find loved ones or things there still able to be used which wasn’t much at all. They were left with what they were wearing. Just imagine that for a minute .


Then while living in a gym or town hall you have to line up and wait for everything . It must have been a experience you just wouldn’t forget. The other worst thing was that it was still the end of winter and that night we got told was so cold and snowed as well which just made it worst.


These are a few shots of the day or a couple of days after and now. amazing how much they have cleaned up so far.






But the biggest job is what the workers are doing now. The HUGE piles of debit that are everywhere are just piles of everything  and now they are going though it all and sorting it into different things. like wood, plastic’s, tiles from roofs. You name it there is a pile for it. But another thing that is a big problem is where to put it from there.  No other prefectures want to take it because they think that it is covered in Raditation from the Nuclear plant which is just bullshit as some of the places are 100’s of Kms away.  I feel so sorry for that thought.We meet a couple of places that said they are only 10% into the piles just to separate it not to get rid of it. remember we are over a year after it hit. SO a long time and have come so far but so far to go. We must keep helping.

It is so safe and nothing like you heard on the news. They just won’t get back out there and tell what it is like now. I just want you to think about it more, A year later but this is going to take years to clean up and rebuild. Some towns are saying they will have to build up the ground now a meter or so which will tae 5 years or so and then they start to rebuild, think about the wait of that and not being able to go back and live on your own land. You can visit it but not live on it in most places. Must be so hard.

I hope you can see a little bit of what is going on now and please tell some friends . The Japanese people are very very positive and looking forward which we can all learn from.  Smiles are everywhere and I know I get a lot of power from it. Lets give that back in some way.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

One thought on “Day 81, Asahikawa to Fugakawa

  1. Hey Jup brown,
    Wow wee some crazy photos on your post, just Hectic!! Your just about done again. Frikin amazing! I’ll be flying over you tomoz will look down and see if I can see your mad head!! Tried to ring yes. but did no good talk soon bud. Love ya guts. Gilly

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