Day 79, Shirataki to Aibetsu/Asahikawa




PC版につきましてはWeekly レポートがご覧頂けます。

Weekly レポートはこちらから


The day before a day off is always a fun day as I can chill out the next day. So I just throw on the shoes and get into it. I had a bit of a trip ahead of me but with a good 20kms down hill right from the start I was off with ease.


Marianne has been our DJ the last few days with the speaker on the bike so I couldn’t be happier with tunes playing all day . We have been out in the country side the last few days and were running out of money so I said to Shingo to shot into town and get us some money. Which meant I would run the last 26kms with out them. Just was hoping I could find a drink vending machine as I would run out of water real fast and with the sun out and no wind I would need more .

Few shots from the day.





Lots of green and rivers the whole day which made for some great sounds and views. Just like back in NZ. Love it.

Today I ran 56kms and felt real good at the end too, Speed is a bit faster than a month ago too which is good to see. Makes the day go after and feel a lot easier.

We are struggling to get any support at all at the moment as no one even knows we are here and running the country which is a bit lonely but just so hard to do. BUt we keep boxing on anyways.

We made it to 15kms short of Asahikawa and tomorrow will be chilling out here. Very famous for a zoo so I think we will go check it out.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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