Day 78, Engaru to Shirataki




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Not a super day for photos today as it rained most of the day sorry. We got off to a good start and it was a slight climb right off. I found some japanese road kill again today. Funny but this is the most common road kill I find.


The hills in the back ground was where I was heading today and the closer I got the more it rained. The more we went in the less people and towns and shops we found. The gentle climb continued all day and right at the end I had 15kms of real up hill to do which I took as good training for my next adventure in India right after this one is done so I took on the hill and went all the way with a smile on, good to see the old body can still smash them out.


The only place to stay within 40kms of our finish point was this camp ground and we are the only ones here. Pretty cool spot and the old man was great and sorted us out with a heater and got the fire going which heats the bath, yep old styles here but fun to see it still used. Of course I wasn’t waiting around for the bath to heat up as I was wet to the bum. Shingo the fire bug was straight in there again and helped out.


We did 54kms today and I felt great. One more day tomorrow and we have a day off, our second last one. Getting close now. Oh Yeah i can’t wait. Surpose to come fine tomorrow I hope anyway ,one good thing is that I finished at the top of the mountain today so can cruise my way down from the start. Bit of a slow wet day so not much more to report sorry. Sweet dreams all.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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