Day 77, Monbetsu to Engaru




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Warm but overcast day today so it was good for a run. Well thats what I tell myself everyday. haha We were heading down the last bit of ocean road towards Yubetsu which is where we turned inland into the hills. We made it to Engaru today  and it was 52kms.


Lots of farms out here in Hokkaido, big barns everywhere. WE saw some farmers out making hay today which is a first for me. Same as at home.


Once we turned inland the colors changed and it is so green around us now. Awesome to see and that ocean wind is gone now too. Yahoo!



We are staying at a camp ground tonight, not many hotels around and well bit sick of hotels after 70 days in them. Shouldn’t say that but you know what I mean. Right across the road is a osen(Hot spring Bath ) so we were straight in that and while the others were chilling I went bush and loaded up the van with wood so we can get a fire going. No rules at this camp ground which is great. We got some fireworks too so we will be putting on a show for the locals and hopefully no fire engine will turn up.


Got this little cabin which is super cheap and all we need as we are just sleeping and will be by the fire all night anyways.


Shingo is a fire bug from way back so I let him rip on the fire tonight. Good shot here of Marianne and Shingo chilling by our wee fire.


We bought some fireworks but they didnt go as well as we had hoped but still fun, we wanted a big bang! This is what we got





I are doing the blog by the fire too tonight which is a change and I like it. MIght have to do more of this I think. a lot more relaxing.

BIg shout out to all my friends all over the world, missing you all so much and will be around to say hi and have a boogie with you all soon as I finish this run. Only 3 weeks to go now. Can’t believe it has gone this fast.

Here is the map of todays run   Click Here

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