Day 76, Horonai to Monbetsu




PC版につきましてはWeekly レポートがご覧頂けます。

Weekly レポートはこちらから


Awesome is all I could think when I first woke up and looked out the window. The sun was out no wind at all and I was going to be in Monbetsu by the end of the day which is one of my small goals along the way. As just below Monbetsu we turn inland and head for Asashikawa and Sapporo.

A HUGE  thankyou to owners here of our accommodation last night, I was chatting away with them last night and they just thought is was awesome and decided to let us stay for free, SO happy as not many places have done this and just to have someone so interested in our run and thanking us for what we are doing makes me feel great . If you are ever in Oumu in Hokkaido you got stop in here.


The road was pretty straight again today but the views are changing slowly, more dairy cows around and a lot more flowers popping up. Hokkaido is famous for its paddocks of flowers and it is awesome to see the different colors inside of the green grass.


The team hanging out at one of our stops. Shingo always the gentleman and giving up his chair.

A few shots from the trip today.



I was feeling real good today again, just the back is still not coming right, buggar it. Not sure what it is but it aren’t right. It is fine to run with but as soon as I stop I turn into a real old man.   But it will not stop me now, We are at 3299kms now, yahoo.


I did 54kms today and tomorrow morning will be I think the last kinda flat road we will be on for a while, Heading inland and the hills are coming.

I rang dad today to say hi and he is great. Always giving me power and cheering me on. Chur bro love our chats.

Has been dead on the donations side of things which is sad but I hope we can get some media coverage soon. Thought we had one yesterday but they didn’t come out to say hi. We need it so everyone knows what we are doing.  Keep waving and smiling Jup brown!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been writing in and on Facebook. Love getting your letters.

I are now busy  trying to think ahead to my India run. Haven’t even got a flight there yet . And trying to get a couple of mates over to crew for me but it is a costly thing. It will sort it self out aye. I will leave for India 9 days after this run finishes which is in 3 weeks. Yahoo I can’t wait. I got invited to a Indian wedding after I finish my run there so that will be great fun. They are famous for long fun times and party’s . SO looking forward to it.

Here is todays map of the run    Click Here 

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