Day 75, Cape Kamui to Horonai




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What a beautiful morning and day it was today, I was so happy to have no wind and the sun out. It makes a huge differences. You can see the real beauty of Hokkaido here in these shots. We ran right along side the water again today on our 56kms we did.


Both me and Marianne were happy and with the sun out I had to get her a umbrella , natural and free of course.


Shingo was on the camera again today and picked off a few good shots again. Love a work bro.



The whole way down the coast there have been heaps of farms and dairy cows all over , shingo seen this fox out today just walking down the road right in front of him and about 200m in front of us running .


We are staying in Omu town today at a great little place called “Minshuku Hoku yuu” , the people are great. so nice and wow you should have seen the dinner we had. It is all part of the cost . Right on the ocean side and like coming home. Thankyou so so much.

SO another fun sunny day on our trip around Japan. Loving every minute. ARIGATOU!!

Here is the map of todays run      Click Here 

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