Day 74, Sarufutsu to Cape Kamui




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We woke to no sun and I was thinking this could be a cold one , well it was.Just up the road from the start we finally found some animals, there is so much land up here and not heaps of stock out. Not sure why but I have seen a lot of the cows are kept inside always. We just had to go say hi to these ones. They came straight over for a chat. I got fluent at speaking cow while running NZ last year.


The road was pretty straight the whole day and hugged the ocean the whole way which meant it was windy and damn it was windy today. I had so many layers on today just to keep warm . The worst thing that it was a head wind again. Just before lunch the sun popped out and both me and Marianne looked up and took it in. So nice .



As the day and Kms went by I got more and more tired. I havent felt this buggered the whole time. but the last couple of days right at the end of the day I have been . But still getting to the end with a smile on so Im happy.

No hills at all until right at the end and it was so beautiful to see, the bush also changed. Our goal was on the other side of this hill via a tunnel which I thought could be a great relieve from the wind but t was right in line with the direction of the wind . But with the finish on the other side pretty hard to stop us then. Marianne was right there beside me the whole day. Amazing and awesome to see as she is on holiday. But she boxed on too. Love ya work.


We finished at the south side of Cape Kamui and then drove to Esashi to stay the night. I found out a couple of weeks ago that my bro Kohei was living there was we went out for dinner and caught up. Great to see him again.

Today we did 50kms which means we are up to 3138kms. Yahoo that means about 1000 to go. Not long at all.

Here is a map of todays run     Click Here 

3 thoughts on “Day 74, Sarufutsu to Cape Kamui

      • I used to live in Albert Town But now in Cromwell
        It was about 1995 and Milo came from Wakatane, He was 3 y/o then, He died in 2009 from a brain tumor I still miss him

        Thanks for your reply

        Melville Brown

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