Day 73, Wakkanai to Sarufutsu




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After a huge day on the move we woke up in Wakkanai to the sun out and well a windy day. But I was happy with the sun being here. Wakkanai is near to Russia so all the signs are in Russian too. Shingo jumped on Marianne’s bike for a spin before we set off. the both of us looked funny riding it.


It was pretty cold so the 5kms stops were important just to warm up. We had a head wind 50 out of the 55kms we did today. So I felt like I had run another 100kms by the end of the day. Very tired. It was great to have Marianne there just to chat away too.


The views were awesome , we were right on the ocean side almost all day.



At the 30km mark we made Soyamisaki which is the top of Japan. It was great to get here as now it really was all down hill. But with the wind it didnt feel like it. There were so many tourist so we had to push in to get a photo.



We meet this dude who has just started a bike trip around Japan. Awesome to see someone going after a dream. He quit his job and everything and in Japan thats a huge thing to do. He said that he likes to jump when ever he takes a photo so he didnt have to tell us twice, we love the chance to be a bit stupid.  Shingo is forever popping up in tourist photos from behind.


Marianne had her first day on the new bike today and her bum is feeling it but even in this bloody windy day with a sore bum she didnt get in the van, Just keep boxing on which was awesome to see .



So our first day in Hokkaido went great and looking forward to see what comes along tomorrow. Lots of farms here so Sheep and cows out everywhere. Great to see. Bit like NZ feeling being here.

A great thing with being by the ocean is the seafood and I tell you we are eating real well and for cheap as too. Love it!!

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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