Day 72, Ferry and drive to Wakkanai in Hokkaido




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With not much sleep we were off at 5.15am as we had to get to Hachinohe to catch the “Sliver Ferry” to Hokkaido at 8.45am.

It was just over 2hrs drive and once we had checked in we got to chill. I have a HUGE thanks to give out to the team at SLIVER FERRYS they hooked us up with a free ticket for the van and 2 of us which is awesome . A huge help to getting us up the road.



Inside we had these little beds to sleep in and we were straight out to it. We were lucky and the boat was empty today so we had heaps of room each. Great ferry, Free big bath over looking the ocean and as it was a great day we could hang out on the deck too. It was a 7.5hr ride to Tomakomae in Hokkaido.


Marianne had seen a group of Dolphins and showing Shingo the footage as we were fast asleep.

Once we made Hokkaido we had a 7hr drive to Wakkanai right up the top which I would start the run from in the morning so it is a loooooong day today.We arrived at 11pm.  BUt Hokkaido even though bloody cold 4 degrees tonight put on a great sunset for us . Love to be back here as I use to live here a few years ago. WIll be good to see old friends in the weeks to come.


Huge thanks to Ochiai san at Lsitel Hotel in Hamanako Shizuoka as he sorted out the ferry for us. You are the man Ochiai san honto ni arigatou it sumo.

SO we now only less than a month to go, exciting stuff. Just over a thousand Kms so still a long way but the fun end of the run. Beautiful country side to run past and just hope the weather holds so we can enjoy it.

Sweet dreams all .

2 thoughts on “Day 72, Ferry and drive to Wakkanai in Hokkaido

    • hey Cloudio, great to hear from you, yeah we are having a good time, run is going good, body is good, now happy as Marianne is riding with me, someone to talk to so more fun. Hope all is good with you

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