Day 71, Ginga 100km Marathon in Iwate




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Up at 2.15am as I had to get the bus to the start at 3.10. Not sure why we do this , hard enough to run or try to run a 100kms but to start at 4am is crazy. It had been raining a bit but cleared for a good start. Before we got going I meet up with Imaya san from Bluetag who has been looking after me a lot along my run, huge thanks to him as now I are sleeping better than ever on my Nishikawa Air Mattress. I love it.

Right before we started the thousand old people all started doing a group stretch which was great to see. I was still trying to wake up and get the ankles into some kind of moving feeling.



Here are so close friends who were mostly doing the relay race but the girl in the pink was going to try the 100km for her first marathon, she did so well but only got to 48kms, amazing effort.

The Ginga marathon is a beautiful run though the hills of Iwate and with that yes there are heaps of hills to climb too. It took me out last year and I walked the lot of them but with that in my mind and not being able to finish it I have been telling myself for the last 2 months that I will make it this time and try and run all the hills.



Now today I had 3 goals. FIrst one was to go one the 2937kms I did in New Zealand last year and I go to do that after the first 5kms so huge for me to do that.

I was feeling great and smashed out a fast 50kms for me in 5hrs 20mins by just after 9am dont do that very often . I thought I should be able to as I have been running this for 2 months but I was just hoping I could keep it up to finish.

I had motivation today in a huge way . maybe the most I ever had. My second goal of the day was to get to 3000kms and I got that at the 77th Km mark, Oh such a cool feeling to think I have run that far. Crazy shit.


Now while I was out running my bum off Shingo and our new traveling bud Marianne were having some fun at the finish area. Looks heaps of fun.


Good times around the finish area with lot of supporters waiting for their friends to come over the finish line. New Balance had their tent set up and showing off their awesome new shoes.


Marianne had come to join me for the last 10kms on her bike which was awesome. I wasn’t talking to much as I was pushing myself as I had a little chance I was going to pull off a super fast time for me. We chatted a bit while I kept a eye on my watch thinking can I or can’t I. Now I’m not talking about just finishing which at this point there was no way I wouldn’t but I was right on line to go under 11hrs. For me I thought this was never going to happen and to be honest not sure how I did it but Ill take it. I have 5ksm to go and it would be to the minute if I did. SO I pulled on everything I had and somehow found that extra bit i needed to speed up . The last part of this course did have a few hills but i wasn’t going to walk them and I was flying when I came around the last corner. I was so excited.




I crossed the line in 10hrs 53mins and I had done my 3rd goal which was to finish this race. And to do it fast I had broken my old best time of 12hrs 12minutes. Smashed it . Damn I’m happy .

This guy in the black was in struggle street back about 20kms and I had stopped to check on him but when I got to the end he was right in front of me. Great to see him go though the pain and come out smiling and with a finish time. Awesome.

Here I sit with the winner of the day from Team New Balance . He did the 100kms in 7hrs 20mins. Not sure how people can run that fast but amazing to see. he didnt even look like he had run. Just another day for him.

Just as I was finishing I had this bloke come over and say “Hi Jup” I looked and was thinking who is he . I didn’t know him but he has been following us on our run . Thanks so much Yoshida san.

That night we had a end of comp party with the organizers and Bluetag team. Always a fun night that I have been lucky enough to go to 2 times. Got to catch up with some mates and sponsors I havent seen in a while. Here I was with Shirakata Ken from Top Gear who has backed me from my NZ run and he is working hard to train Fujiwara san who has made the Japanese Olympic Team for the marathon. ALso my good friend  Eric Wainaina . this man can run like a leopard . amazing!!!!

Then after the official dinner we went for a beer and was great to just chill and catch up. It was about 12am when we got to bed and with a 5am wake up to go get the ferry we were straight to sleep.


Here is the map of todays run , it went something like this    Click Here       

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