Day 70, Drive to Kitakami for Ginga marathon check in




PC版につきましてはWeekly レポートがご覧頂けます。

Weekly レポートはこちらから


It was sad to leave Otsuchi as we had been looked after so well by Hide Yoshida san and his team and friends but I had a check in at the ginga marathon to get to. I was getting excited to have a crack at this 100kms that I couldn’t make last year . So we sad our goodbyes for the mean time as we would be running back though here around the 6th July. Thankyou so so much Naoko and Hide san. Tanoshikata .



Nooska and Dee Jane had brung me a present from the team at Mooka Camp back in Aussie. Our work shirt all signed by everyone. You dont know how much I love it. They have been in this run before anyone and I can’t thank them enough . This is awesome. Chur Chur.

We made Kitakami by 2pm and meet up with the New Balance team. Takikawa san had sorted everything out for us and after checking in for the Rego we headed for the main welcome party.


There was about 1500 people in the run this year, 3 distances 100,50 and 10km.  It is a very tough and hilly course so to have this many people coming in great.


While I was running around seeing everyone the ladies Nooska and DJ were just chilling. So sorry I couldn’t spend more time just chilling with you both.


There were a couple of introductions and the NB team with little me in the middle were one of them. Takikawa san introduced each of us and it was great for our run as so many people got to know what we are up too. Then there was the great hard working and super fun team of Bluetag. I came last year with them and was great to see everyone again.


In the evening we went out for dinner with the NB team and it was one of the boys birthdays. Happy birthday again bro.  In our team were 3 triathletes , ex Snowboard Olymipian Kentaro san,  Eric Wainaina 2 times silver medalist at the Olympics he is a awesome super fun guy . I felt super lucky to be with these guys. Huge thanks to Takikawa san for putting out a Press release last week about our run which got us some great attention from the Media including yahoo news japan online. AWESOME. Arigatou!!!


At the Ginga marathon welcoe party there was a whole lot of pictures of the Tsunami affected areas and some of these great support messages from all over Japan. I love these, they are so important to see and have.

A late night to get to bed and I have to up at 2.15 am as the run starts at 4am. Its on!!!

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