Day 68, Volunteering in Oshima







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Today we had a day off the running and we went to help out, Volunteering for a Oyster farm.

But first me and shingo went  a little crazy and took a couple of photos.



Then we were off for a 9.30am start, Not really knowing what we had to do as it has been a year now and when you think of what kind of volunteer work there would be not much could spring to mind, But it is helping a lot of people get back on their feet and get work places gong again, Support for kids and groups just to have fun again . Everyone has been so busy cleaning up and helping their neighbors with things.

Our job today was to unload this truck that is full of Bamboo  poles that are used to make the rafts that they hang ropes off and grow Oysters on. I had no idea this is how they did it and it was great to learn about it too. There was 300 poles and we had 18 people. you might think you could just smash it out but it took us 6 hours. first we took them off the truck and sorted them into 2 piles, fat and thin ones. then we loaded 60-70 onto the boat and shipped them over the bay and unloaded them again. and then did that again and again.  A pretty hard day lifting and carrying these heavy poles.

Everyone dug in and we did well as a team, The guys and gals in the red jackets were from Tokyo and up here for a couple of days. Great to see.




With the sun out and a flat ocean we got the toys out and played at Lunch time. DMS love your work, my new SUP board is sic, I love it, when I tried to ride one back in aussie I couldn’t stay up at all really but this new board I was flying. Maybe I have a few more muscles now and balance is a bit better but the board feels awesome. Thankyou so so much dan.

Shingo and Chris had a spin too and went awesome. The kayak got a run too which was fun.




Being so flat and smooth it was great for learning. Then we headed for a shower and back to our place to chill out. Then it was dinner time and Chief whipped up a awesome feed of Okonomiyaki and a few people came to say hi which was fun. I also got a call from Anooska and Dee Jane who have arrived in from Australia for a week nd will be with us tomorrow. I are on a little island and it was a bit late to get here by the time they arrived so we will meet in the morning and head north together. SO Amazing to have them come all this way to support me, I are so lucky to had friends like this.

I really enjoyed today and learnt heaps. Just talking to everyone around is becoming my favorite thing. So many stories and ways of thinking but the one thing that always comes out is to be positive and be happy. Work hard and help each other. It is great to see so many different people from all over Japan and the world come together and help out.

Another new places and faces tomorrow which I just can’t wait for. Thankyou to everyone form today and the last week for your emails and support and teaching me some new things.

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