Day 67, Shizugawa to Kesennuma







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Hi All,  Last night was super fun, we stayed witht he Abe family and they were so friendly and we heard lots of stories of what it was like to be in the middle of a tsunami. Abe dad was off to work at 4am so didnt make this photo but we saw him later to say thanks, Cant thank them enough for having us when you really didnt know what we were doing. ARIGATOU.

Im having trouble with getting photos up today so I will try again tomorrow.

First up we had a interview with  Uno san who is a writer for Soh             . He was great . Thankyou so much for coming to see us.  Today we had Chris who has come up from Hachioji near Tokyo to spend a few days with us and help out. So Shingo took the chance to get out of the van and come for a run with me. Poor man has been sitting in the van for a month now.  Chris has his roller blades with him and skated along side me too.


Same again today in the way of when we went over another hill there was what was left of a village. The road today was only 38kms long but so many hills to climb. Good work out for me.  Our goal was Kesennuma which was hit very bad and as we came into the city you could see just how much was gone, It is set on the flat and right at water level so the WAVE would have just kept on going right up the valley. Very sad.

Here are a few shots from today, This colorful one is heaps of Cranes made from Origami, so nice and there are thousands of them. It was up on a wall and about 40m long.


We arrived at 2pm and I had a meeting with Shirahata san . My final goal for this run is here in Kesennuma so I are trying to get a few locals to help me plan and get some kind of party going. Shirahata san was so nice and is going to help out. Thankyou.

Once we had a look round and a talk we got the ferry to head over to Oshima which was a 25minute ferry ride. One of my friends Kimi Sakai and his wife Michi have been coming here and volunteering a lot. So I thought it would be good to go check out the island. Wow this place is awesome. The beaches are so nice and there is a hill called Mt Kame. We went up and it was right on sunset. So relaxing and a great way to finish the day. We had meet up with Hata san who is looking after us. He is working for a Non Profit Organzation here and helping the Locals.  We are staying with him and his team for the next 2 days.


We had a great dinner that Chief cooked up, a local family who are fisherman had come over and bought a huge plate of Sashimi, amazing, it was so nice. Ariagtou. This family lost their house in the tsunami. I was talking to dad and he was laughing about how his house got been picked up and had floated out into the bay.As they were using the crane to pull parts of the house out of the ocean he saw a suit that he had floating around so they used the crane to pick it up to, It was one of the only pieces of clothing that he had left. Great to have a smile on after losing everything.

Today was day 67 which is how many days i took to run New Zealand last year. I ran 2937kms there so I had a count up today and I have run 2933kms. Bloody close to being the same . Crazy how this can happen, But this time I still have a little way to go . So the next time I run which is on sunday I will pass that total, just a little goal for me along this run.

Today I ran 38kms.  Here is a map of todays run      Click Here

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