Day 66, Onagawa to Shizugawa







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We stayed at a sic hotel last night, right on the water and pretty cheap too , they did a package of food and room and the food was awesome, dinner and breakfast so super good start to our day. As we entered into Onagawa I took this first photo as the wanted to show you how high the wave was that come though here. It went over this bank here up to the Brown building, DAMN.

As I ran out of town I found this wall which was about 200m long and it was covered in these pictures that all the levels of school kids had draw. Lots of happy photos and things saying “be strong ” and “Fight”.  Great to see and just shows you how everyone is thinking ahead even if it is a real long road.


A friend we made on Katsura Island back 2 days ago had rung ahead and introduced us to Suzuki san . Well we meet last night and he sorted a few things for us but then when I was running out of town he was waiting to come for a run with me. Awesome, .He lives now in one of the housing places because his house is now gone . He came and we chatted away while we did 10kms, awesome to have someone to talk with on the road. Thankyou so much for everything Suzuki san. See you in July .

I followed the ocean side today and we twisted and turned and climbed up and down the whole day. Always something to see and or a hill to try and climb. The one sad thing was that with every hill I went up and over on the other side I found yet another town that is now not a town. Maybe one house if we were lucky. Its so hard to think just how many people have lost everything.



This one shot above here on the right side is to show you the way the tsunami has smashed into the banks and just taken the trees and left a huge shaven side only , it is everywhere and  it must have been crazy to see just what the waves must have been doing as they moved along. Scarly shit.

So many schools have been lost, they are not fully broken in structure wise but nothing inside and windows all gone, just the toilet left by this pool.



The piles of rubbish are still everywhere and not getting smaller but bigger, we are right in the middle of some of the worst hit spots here.

As we came into Shizugawa it was just amazing how much this place has been hit, we looked over from the other side of the water and it looked like there was still a lot of buildings alright but when we got there it was the opposite, just everything gone or just a flame left. Bridges the lot all now in a pile of rubble.





One of the sadest things is when you see these memorials for the ones who were lost, So many people come and pay their respects and lay flowers down.

Tonight we are staying with the Abe family and man they are a awesome family, so funny and huge hearts to let us come stay with not knowing us at all, just a mate gave them a call and said look after these 2 guys and they have.

We talked a lot about things that happened on 3.11 and after. They were so very lucky the tsunami was knocking on their door and a wall at the front that the house is up on pushed the water to the left and their house was saved. The roads on either sides gone and they had no power for 55 days. They cooked on open fires, sat around a candle at night and chatted, remember it was still the end of winter so damn cold too in this area.

The communities all came together and helped the people who had lost everything, food and water was bought in by the army but they only got though to here 4 days after the tsunami hit. Sick people were flown out by helicopter . The Abe family were spread out around the area and it took 3 days for the last one to make it home, they had thought the worst for a while.

Still so very positive the whole time and it was sad yet great to be able to hear their stories. Cant say thank you enough for letting us stay and the great dinner we had.

I took this shot as the sun went down on yet another great day on our run. We are up to 2880kms now in 66 days which is almost the same to the Km as in NZ.

Here is the map of todays run        Click Here

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