Day 64, Bandai Atami to Listel Inawashiro + 10km Marathon




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Up at 5am as we were leaving at 6 so we could get to the start which was at Bandai Atami Station. I had a 20km run to Hotel Listel which is in Inawashiro. My plan was to make it there by 9am chill for a bit as I was entered in a 10km trail run at Listel ski field. Now this 10km isn’t like any other. It is up and over the ski field and one of the climb is up the famous Daffy course which is 42 degrees, damn steep.  Me and Abe chan made the 20kms look easy and Yuri came for the last 6kms . She came back to hang out for a could of days which is awesome.



As we got to Listel the Fukushima Jnr Mogul team arrived to run the last 2kms with us, So great to have them with me . They are such a awesome group of kids and their folks are amazing too. Really love working with them and love how much time Takano san and Mayumi are putting into helping them. Otsukaresama.


Once at Listel I went and checked in for the race and meet a few people . There were 80 competitors of all ages. From 8 up. really really fun feeling in the air and the sun out just made it perfect. I had to do the Speech on behalf of the athletes which I was lucky to get . Then me and Nasubi San did a speech as we were lucky to be the guest for the day.

10am was start time and we were off. Easy first 4kms and then we were heading straight up the side of the hill. It was tough. I was struggling a lot , haha yeah I have run 2700kms so only on the road and it is a whole new game running trails and ski fields.



Everyone was giving it everything and as you can see by the photos having fund nd helping each other out to get to the end. Really special to see this and I loved every minute of the pain and awesome course that Kai San and his team ,Abe, Koji, Takeda and Jun had made.









Once I finally got to the end which was in 1hr 26mins , not bad. I had a quick shower as I had a massage with maki today. She is back to work on my back for me which I really needed.

Then we jumped in the van with my new DMShapes SUP Board and Kayak on top which me and Shingo are going to play on after we finish running for the day. We will be right on the ocean side almost the whole rest of the trip so gotta have some toys.

HUGE thanks to Dan @ DMShapes for making and getting me this new board to Japan which came via Yamada san at HRS surf shop in Chigaski. Yamada san sorted me the paddle and all the feight and problems with getting such a big board here. Arigatou.

We when drove 2.5hrs back to Shiogama to where we had finished yesterday arvo and meet up with my great friend Miyuki Hatana. Miyuki use to be in the Japanese Mogul team and also the Half pipe ski team. Awesome Athlete. Well now she is volunteering every minute to helping out a island that got smashed by the Tsunami in Miyagi prefecture. She came and meet us in a boat and took us there.


A great little place with only 170 people living on it and well everyone is amazing. So warm and welcoming to us. cooked us a huge yummy feed and a beer too, A group of local s come to say hi and we talked about heaps of things. Also sorted us out with accommodation for the next 2 towns that we will run too. Amazing that all these communties that have been affected by the tsunami are all helping each other and then willing to help us out. So we will be able to stay with and meet more people who have seen it all over the last year.

Cant say thank you enough to Miyuki for this chance and looking forward to running with her tomorrow for a few Kms.

Was a long day but we did so much and I really enjoyed it as I got so much support and to see all my friends and make so many new ones is just awesome. Love the lot of you!!!!! Really thankyou so much to everyone.

Here is the map of todays run      Click here 

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