Day 63, Hamayoshida to Shiogama




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Another beautiful day and we were heading north again for Shiogama. We ran 48kms today  and did a few stops to meet with people  which made for a fun day on the road. You can see the last of the winter snow on the hills and both me and Shingo are hanging out to get back up in the powder. In one year you can see how fast the grass and natural can take over by looking at this railway, It is one of the lines that now isn’t going after the tsunami.


We did 28kms and meet up with Amino san and Kazumi. They are working for the “Tasukeai Japan” team, their job is to go around and talk to people who were affected and check the areas out that also were. They do daily reports on the good thing that are happening and supporting anyone who needs it. A great thing .

We did a interview and talked about what has been happening. They filled in a few answers for things I didnt know. Thankyou so much for your support .

You can check out lots of stories and info at Tasukeai Japan


This is one of the many temporary housing setups that are for all the folks that have lost everything, it was like a raffle for how you got into live here. There are about 400 houses here. Not real big at all but everyone can live here for 2 yrs and hopefully they can get back on their feet by then. You can see a few volunteers here that are help to build a few chairs and out door settings.




Then I did another 5kms to get to Sendai station where we meet up with Cokoro san and her friends. They came to wish us the best and try to see how they can help with getting the word out, Big thanks for everything. Sorry I didnt have much time.

Once we finished the running side we then drove 2.5 hrs back to Listel in Inawashiro as we will run 20kms in the morning before I run in the ganbarozou 10km marathon they are running. WIll be a fun event.


But first they had set up a Yakiniku party for us. Have a look at these awesome posters that the Fukushima Mogul Jnr team made. SO awesome!!!!!


Did a little speech before we did a Compai( Cheers) and then it was time to eat. A awesome dinner with lots of smiles to top me up with good vibes.



We meet up with Nasubi san again which was great and he will also be running in the race tomorrow.




Cant thank Kai san, Sato san, Kogi and everyone who helped to make this happen. Everyone who came along it was great to see you all again. A huge donation to made by everyone THANKYOU SO MUCH.

A bit of a late one today and with a early start tomorrow I will hope the old body can get up and do it again. Will be a fun day . Cant wait.

Here is the map of todays run     Click Here

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