Day 62, Minami Soma to Hamayoshida ( Miyagi)




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


After a great day yesterday we were lucky enough to have Fukushima Tv come along and they did a interview and filmed us as I ran down the road. It was then on at lunch time on Fuji Tv which is board cast all over Japan , I was shocked when a mate from Tokyo rang me and said we were on right before one of the most famous shows on lunch time Tv .  So happy and straight away more people started tooting and stopping to say hi. it was awesome.


Even Mayor Sakurai came down to say see you and wish us luck. Thankyou so much.  This is the Fukushima Tv team. Thanks so much guys.


As soon as we left Minami Soma and went out along the ocean front the views changed and it was very sad to see all what was well not left at all. Just piles and piles of rubbish from the tsunami . Trees and houses all in bits and pieces .Boats and cars you name it it was there.




Everywhere you looked there was something. The roads all broken and cracks and holes I had to watch out for.


Bridges were takin out and I had to run off road a lot. Shingo had to drive all over the place to find a way around.



If there was a  house it either had no bottom floor and a top or there was just a concrete pad and as here upside down.





Here you can see a lot of people and bags everywhere, They are picking up all the bits of stuff that are all though the rice fields, it is just impossible to farm here at the moment, they are all helping each other to some how make a start again.


This big building here is a school that is right on the ocean front and even though it is standing it was gutted. Smashed to pieces. Now just a parking space for broken cars.



With the radio and tv coverage I had a lot of people pulling over to say hi and wish us luck . It was awesome, I was so happy to get this . I got to talk to a lot of people about their experiences and well sometimes just ask what town this was before as you just tell.

I meet this old lady who was off for a walk. she told me that this is her house and she had to escape the water to her upstairs and the whole bottom floor was flooded and this whole area was a flowing river. So sad to hear what she said but great to see she is all good.


We would come around a corner and it would be all sweet then with in a 500m stretch it would be turned upside down. it is just amazing to see it now and i can’t imagine what it was like right after the water disappeared.



The piles of rubbish were just everywhere. like every 5kms, they are huge and guys wiring there all the time sorting it out.



The banks as you can see are all shaved from the water flowing past, these banks are 10 or 15 m high . Houses with flowers and memories of lost loved ones everywhere.


We left Fukushima and are now in Miyagi prefecture. The more we move north the worst it is going to get .


We dd 52kms today and I didnt feel like I ran at all as I was to busy looking around and thinking about what i was seeing. Unbelievable sights.

Here is the map of todays run       Click Here

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