Day 59 , Bandai Atami to Fukushima




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After a great night at Listel Hotel we were up and ready to go by 7.30. I had noticed a few new things that the team here have built. They made a new Tree Adventure which is awesome, Its like all these bridges and rope walks that you do that are all up in the trees . I so wish i had been here to help build them, Sure they will do more next year. Also this second flyer is for the 10km marathon that I are going to give a go on sunday. It is all over the ski field and up the famous Daffy course which is over 40 degrees in steepness so for sure won’t be running that part. Lots of fun to see everyone and can’t wait to get back on saturday night. Thanks  heaps.


Otake san from Nishikawa had sent me a new AIR conditioning pillow and I got to pick it up today, so awesome can’t wait to get to bed and try it out. Thankyou so much for it Otake san, Arigatou!!!!!


These next shots are what me and Shingo saw today, Super sunny day and lots of hills and nice clouds today.





As I neared the end of the 50kms we did today I was again stoked to make it feeling good, I started off feeling real heavy in the legs and wasn’t running to smoothly but still somehow kepted the time I have always . So not sure what was up but once I had a big lunch and popped the tunes on I was off , maybe I was just hungry.

I found this sign right as I was having a radio interview with Itaru at Fukushima FM. It is just what we are trying to do, GANBAROU FUKUSHIMA, never give up Fukushima. Love it.


Fukushima is where I got my van and where one of my most favorite people in Japan lives. Jun san. He is such a awesome man. He owns ZUN and they are the  sound crew for big events . I have known Jun for 10 yrs now and he has done so much for me in everything I do and especially this run . Big thanks to you and your team Jun.

Jun took me down to Radio Fukushima where Junko Sakuma same works and where I was lucky enough to get a interview the other day with. Jun has sorted out some more radio time for us to keep getting the word out. Big thanks to Ito san and his team for their support too.

Matsui san who owns Happy Happy Curry and this great restaurant Okiraku here in Fukushima is also one of our supporters. Tonight we went down and eat with him and his team. They were out all arvo for a staff party which made for lots of laughs when we meet up. Thanks so much for the great dinner and the great Fireworks on my desert.




We got home and Jun sorted us out with a bed and place to chill.

Got some great news about our stay in MInami Soma and also for the days we will volunteer up around Oshima and Kamaishi which is all thanks to Cory from Kidzania and Naoko at NPO. Will tell you more soon.

Hope I haven’t forgotten anything, Oh T-rav from Aussie rang me , sorry I will call ya tomorrow bro, Thanks so much. Sweet dreams all

Here is the map of todays run      Click Here 

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