Day 58, Asakawa to Bandai Atami




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The sun was out full on this morning and it woke me at 5am, must have recharged all good cause I couldn’t sleep again and was feeling good. We hit the road as we had 56kms to do again . I ran real well today and we finished by 3pm .


As I finished a rest we meet this lady, she was so nice. Her way of talking was pretty hard to understand but she loved what we are doing thanking us both and  she offered Shingo to come in for a cup of tea while I continued running. So funny but very nice.

As we got close to Koriyama the clouds come over and Lighting started up, the temp dropped so fast from 24 to 14. Then the wind and rain came and I was wet to the bum in about 5 mins.  I only had 20kms to go so just boxed on and in about 1 hr or so the wind dropped and we finished in just a shower.

Waiting at the end was Itaru who I have worked with at the Mogul World Cup for the last 10 yrs. He is a radio Dj and has his own show on a Tuesday. He had come along to do a interview and  also he will be ringing us up for a chat tomorrow Live on his show, Great to have his support and it will help get the word out here in Fukushima.


Then we drove back to my home and work place of Hotel Listel Inawashiro , I think I told you but I have been coming here for 10 yrs now. Love it and the staff are super hard workers and lots of fun. A very nice hotel set in front of Mt Bandai , SO beautiful .

The view from our room.

Got to see everyone and then we settled in for a awesome dinner. It was so nice.


Truly living it up tonight thanks to Listel.

Just before dinner I was super lucky and my friend Maki who use to work here came and gave me a massage and tried to sort out my back a bit. It wasn’t gotten much better and then she started pushing around she was shocked at how bad it felt, all my ribs on the left side have compressed together a lot and real hard to push between them. But she worked away at it for a hour and I must say it feels a bit better right now. Should sleep well tonight.  She was a little shy and this is the best shot I could get, Thankyou so so much Maki. See you on the 3rd for another massage when I get back here.

So a good day wet and dry but we did another day without a problem. Into Fukushima tomorrow where we will meet Jun from Zun who have given us the van and also a few other friends . Cant wait to see everyone.

I heard from Cory at Kidzania today and he has sorted a time where we can meet a few people In Minami Soma which is right by the Neuclear Plant. We will be donating 100,000 to one of the local schools . Will be great to meet them and see how they are going in getting the school back up and going. Thanks so much Cory.

Here is the map of todays run    Click Here

One thought on “Day 58, Asakawa to Bandai Atami

  1. Jup mate, awesome progress yet again, simply amazing to see what our putting your body though…Will call you either tonight or tomorrow mate if thats cool?

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