Day 56, Day off in Hitachi city




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


What a awesome feeling not to have to get up and run another 50kms, I had a few things to do today but only on the computer and we had no events to do , It is the first day I have had off all together which is nice and kinda sad too, But I enjoyed it so much.

I went for a little walk around to find some lunch, Shingo went to the beach for a look. There is this huge building in the middle of town , we aren’t sure what it is but it is nice anyways.

I want to show you this new swimming suit that one of our super sponsors “Footmark ” have designed. It is for kids who can’t swim and well could be afraid of the water. It helps them float. Awesome idea aye. The goal is to help your kid swim 25m doing freestyle . U can see the floats in the suit. Love it.

Footmark have been making swim wear for 60 yrs now . A great company who have been right there with me all the way running up New Zealand and also here in Japan. VSkins is also a branch of Footmark. Great team leading the way. Otsukaresama.



I also got a few presents the other night from Gaku Hirasawa who runs BUFF Headwear. He has just started working with Golla. He gave me a few things to use . I got a iPad notebook cover/stand and a iPhone cover and this great little bag. Thankyou so much Gaku san. Also got a coupe of new Buff bands too to keep the dreads under control.


Another person I must say a huge thank you to is Hide at Recovery Service. Hide is a computer guru, I have known him for 20yrs now and he knows me so well. So every time I say I are on the computer he waits by the phone for my call of HELP. Again today he helped sort out a problem I have been having with my blog, Thankyou so much Hide .

Me and Shingo have decided that we will start looking for adventure inside this one. We have got a bit of time every night and just going to hotel is a bit boring so we will be searching for things to do a long the way, going to pick up my DMS surfboard and SUP board that dan has just sent over. Will be here on Tuesday. Yahoo and then we are going to grab a kayak to take with us. As we will be right along side the water almost the whole time from now. Should make for more fun and exciting things to talk about, Need a change, running and sleeping aren’t enough.  We are keen to meet people along the way who might be able to show us around too in their local areas. Check the blog for the route we will take. Come say hi.

We are up to 2426kms now, 1600 to go.Not far aye.

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