Day 55, Kona Post office to Nakasato( north of Hitachi-ota)




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Cloudy start today which turned into rain but nothing could get me down today as I have a holiday tomorrow. We have run 9 days this time to and it has been a busy section but so much fun. Lots of goals met and people seen which has made it go pretty quick. I only really had a slow day yesterday but they pop up every now and then.

The last few days me and Shingo have been searching for a few good photo chances but again today not much happening. Sorry and well bad weather doesn’t help, we will continue our search. I found all these boats all turned across the river fishing , first time I have seen this, not sure what they will get this way. maybe they had nets out. I was racing this lady for a bit and as I was about to finally pass her she turned and laughed to I think say ” hey boy you never had me I was playing with ya”


Last night right beside the restaurant we had Okonomiyaki at was this little shop of kids stuff, it was real strange to be where it was and there was so much in it too. Me being a dick head here.

We are moving north at a good rate now and today we arrived into Hitachi-ota area. Moving inland and heading towards Koriyama in Fukushima. Today we did 54kms and I felt real good.

Couple of shots of me plodding up the road, using as little effort as possible to do each step, I got a lot to go so can’t waste energy now can I.


I have been putting up the daily maps each day but I thought I would show u a big map of where I run so far. A bloody long way . I just topped over 2400kms today, When I ran NZ this is about when I got to Auckland before heading north to Cape Rienga to run the last 10 days to the finish. I still have a bit of work to get that close to the finish but it will be here soon as.

Nah I tried to do the map but it didnt work, Will do it tomorrow in parts, I have the day off so can put some time into it.

I are loving my Air Mattress from Nishikawa in Nihonbashi and thought I would treat myself to one of their awesome pillows to complete my set and sleep even better. I wrote to Otake san ( the boss) to buy one but he has offered to hook me up for free, I was blown away as Imaya san from Bluetag and Otake san sorted me out with the mattress and to now get the pillow too I can’t say thank you enough. I so wish I had the chance to meet Otake san but will be dropping in to say hi and thank you for sure next time Im there.  Thankyou so much for your amazing support .  I swear I haven’t slept this well in so long, Loving not waking up even time I turn.

Big thanks to Shingo for hanging out with me and driving for another week. You are doing a great job and I can’t say thanks enough bro.

Oh yeah I got a call from Yamada san at HRS Surf shop today and he has sorted out about getting my SUP board from DMS. All the way from Australia. Dan from DMS has made me a new one to play on. Now it is getting warmer and we will be right by the ocean almost everyday I thought we could get in the water after I finish running each day. Gotta enjoy everyday as much as possible.

Here is the map of todays run    Click Here

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