Day 54, Shiishiba to Oarai (Ibaraki)




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Today was a super hot day, Sun was out blasting my white body again. We didnt have any body joining us today so I just got straight into it . Early on I want feeling like running at all. My body keep going as always and not sure how but as I got to about 25kms I woke up, Yeah funny feeling to be running and feeling shit and then after 3 hrs I kinda woke up and felt good.


The road today was almost straight the whole way and the views weren’t the best . We were right near the ocean but I couldn’t see it  so Shingo went down to check it out while I kept going.


I did 55kms today and we have made it to Ibaraki prefecture now, Wow it is feeling like we are flying. Leaving Tokyo behind us real fast.

I was checking the donations the last couple of days and we are up to just over 400,000 yen. Slowly getting there. That is just what we have received in Japan. There is a big amount in Australia but I have to check how much it is . Will do that real soon, It is well over $12,000. The team at Mooka Camp in Port Hedland dug deep and donated all over that, They are amazing . Thanks so much every one there.

I got to chat to a couple of people today which made me smile, Has been bit hard and slow out there last week or so ,so I was happy to meet them.

I had to have the tunes on today to keep myself going which was fun for a change too, I was dancing my way up the road.  Not much more to say today , me and Shingo are searching for some cool photo chances so hope we can get them to you soon. Shingo got these 2 today, There was lots of these along the road today.


Here is the map of todays run    Click Here

2 thoughts on “Day 54, Shiishiba to Oarai (Ibaraki)

  1. Jup you big hero!!! how the hell are you ?? I will call you tomorrow mate for a catch up..just trying to catch up with your blog as ive been offshore away working !!….Keep up the amazing work dude..! N

    • all sweet bro, Im all good, getting high up now, in my town where I always work and live, Getting into the areas that where hit bad so next 10 days will be ones to watch on the blog, and why Im running so I are looking forward to it.
      talk soon bro

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