Day 53, Sakura to Shiishiba (Choshi)




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The rain was gone and the sun was out for a start which got us off and going . Today I did 58kms, yeah well 2 of those was from when I missed a turn  and didnt realize for a bit. But all went fine and I found Shingo again. I wasn’t in a super running mood today and it seemed to take ages to get anywhere but I was still turning out the Kms at a good speed, Funny how thats happens. 2 more days til my day off. Cant wait to just do nothing . Lots coming up in the next 2 weeks so will take the rest when I can.

The sky and clouds today were awesome. Last year when me and Rick were cruising NZ he got me into looking at the clouds and today was a day for that, So beautiful today.




As I ran today I meet a few people who cheered us along , only Yuka here would have a photo with me. Thanks so much for having a chat with me. I hope your 2 tests went well. Otsukaresama.


Shingo has been busy keeping himself busy and while he was having a look at this place today he turned to find his man standing there with his cutter in hand, at first Shingo got a fright but the old guy was real friendly as. The road we took today was way of the beaten track so lots of farms and narrow roads. Which was a nice change after Tokyo and the traffic.


We are staying in Choshi tonight and we found this restaurant that served this huge yummy dinner. Super cheap and so nice. Love the food here in Japan.

Here is the map of todays run    Click Here

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