Day 51, Shinkoyasu to Shinagawa and events




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


We had a big day ahead and I was off up the road running at 7.30. I only had 20kms to do today so it was a nice little jog but had to be done by 10am so we were off to Kidzania at 12.00.

Shingo drove forward and booked us in while I run. As I was running there was a solar ecitplse but I didnt get much of a view as the clouds over me. Some places saw it perfectly, first time to be seen in 900yrs they said on TV. Wow


It was surpose to be a ring but this is what I had. Then I got a couple of shots before I arrived at Shinagawa.


I arrived at Shinagawa station to a awesome welcome from Miori and yu chan and then the Outland team were there which was awesome, They cheered me in. Didn’t have long to chat as I needed a quick shower before we trained to Kidzania.


Cory from Kidzania has been super busy with his team sorting out this event for us,huge thanks to him. There was a fall house of kids and families which made for a super fun event. We had a table set up where the kids could come and say hi and then write messages of the headbands which I will be taking to Tohoku  to show everyones support. So much fun meeting the kids. they have so much power and energy.







Kidzania also after doing all this great work have donated 100,000 yen which is amazing. Thankyou so much !!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went back home and chilled for about 2 hrs before we were off to Outland Japan headquarters in Tamachi.  Kazu and the Outland team organized a “Cheer Up ” party and we invited a lot of our super sponsors who were able to come. As everyone is very busy I wasn’t to sure if they would have time but it was AWESOME. So many turned up even for a quick hello and others also came too. I was so happy to see everyone again.  I got a huge boost today and can’t say thank you enough to everyone for making the time to come say hi.

They had a great slide show going with lots of shots of the trip so far , beers and NZ wine flowing. A few magazines also came along and we did a couple of Interviews which will really help get the word out for this last 1900kms.








Man I had a great day, Everyone got on and the party was great. Great food and smiles all around . Cant ask for anything more. So happy.  Just what I dream of and to see it happen and people come together puts a smile on my face and I can just keep on running.

Thankyou again to everyone who made today so special. I have had a few emails tonight and more people of wanting to come join us on the road. SO fun times to come.

Better get some sleep . Oyasumi!!!!!

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