Day 50, Chigasaki to Shinkoyasu ( Yokohama)




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Same as always we hit the road at 8 and we were off to visit DMS head quarters in Chigasaki. We meet Yamada san at his shop/workshop which is called Hrs Surf shop. He was super friendly and had his own new DMS board ready to go.  Dan has a new SUP board for me and with the help of Yamada san we will try and get it here next week. Cant wait to try it out.


Just before I got to HRS my old mate Koji had gotten out of bed to come join me on his bike for a few kms. SO awesome to see him again. We used to live together when he was in NZ for snowboarding about 10yrs ago.  Koji works at RASH wetsuits which is here in Chigasaki. A awesome little surfer and also riding a DMS board.

Then we I got back on the road I ran along the beach path and right away run into Junko who I didnt know but she arrived with her new (3rd) DMS board. I went up and said hi and talk about DMS , she was super stoked and loves what you are doing Dan.



Being Sunday there was a lot of people in the water looking for a wave not that there was many out there. Have a look at these shots we got and how many people there are . Crazy




A shame but we didnt see to many Bikinis out there so we ran on. haha

Up the road I was hoping to catch up with another very close friend Emi, as her work was right on the way . Emi works at CHER SHORE but when we arrived it was still to early so they weren’t open yet. Sorry to have missed you Emi.


So we carried on around the corner to our next stop which was at Daisy’s Cafe. When I was down in Okinawa I met the owners of Daisys and they said about their cafe here in Kamakura. All though we were early again they opened up and we had a coffee and said hello. Was much fun to have these connections along the way. A cool little cafe right on the water front. Thanks so much for having us.



Then we left the beach side and headed into Kamakura which is pretty damn famous with heaps of temples and shines everywhere. Such a beautiful place and you must go here if u come to Japan.




I hadn’t gone far and the morning was already done so I got in and had a go for a hour and then we had a special guest with Iida san and his wife come to see us and have a run. Iida san owns Foot trainers and they sponsor my Insouls for my shoes. Right back from running NZ too. A great help and super support for me always. Was great to have a run with him. Thanks so much for coming out.  New baby on their way too, Congratulations.


Then we starting getting back into the middle of it all. the buildings got higher and roads got wider, more cars more people and more traffic lights for me to run though . I met say I’m not one for waiting at a red light like the very patient Japanese people. I run the red and green.


I ran a smooth 43kms today which was nice for a change. We now just got a nice small easy 20 odd for tomorrow as we have a busy day with a event at Kidzania at lunch time and then a party at Outland Japan in the evening. Going to be a fun day meeting a lot of people. I can’t wait.

Then tonight I got to chill and  have dinner with Kazu from Outland Japan. Kazu is the man behind my Japanese blog. Everyday when he gets to work he writes it up for me. A huge help and amazing support. We went out and caught up ,had a beer and talked about tomorrows party which Kazu and Watanabe san have organized. Thanks so much for dinner and everything.

One thing I forgot to say yesterday is that I now have a driver for the rest of the whole time. My bro Shingo is going to stay on until the end. Amazing , Im so happy and can’t say thanks enough. Still if anyone wants to come along and help him out and keep him from going crazy  then please drop me a mail and we can hook up somewhere. Thankyou Shingo you a legend.

Here is a map of todays run     Click Here 

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