Day 49, Gotemba to Chigasaki




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What a amazing start to the day, Mt Fuji was out and looking awesome. So soon as I got on the road I started to go up, I had about 13kms to run up and out of Gotemba. But as I went up the views just got even better.




Then I ran into Kanagawa Prefecture and it was all down hill from here. I went though some awesome little towns and right beside a beautiful river the whole way to the sea. Lots of people out as it is Saturday. Today was right up there with one of the best places to run that I have done so far.





Once I got out of the hills we hit the ocean side which was great as it meant I was getting very close to Tokyo . It is a big point in my mind as when i look at the map I can see how far we have come. A hell of a long way. haha love it.

Some people ask me what I eat along the way so I thought I would show you todays lunch, I love potato salad so I put it between the ham , so good. Also very weak when it comes to a cold sweet coffee, love it.



This is the last few shots before I arrived into Chigasaki. Today I ran 53kms and I felt great.  Then I got a visit from my bro Kii chan. A snowboard bud who is now working at Billabong Japan. He arrived just as I was finishing and ran the last 500m with me. He had presents for me, I got 2 new pairs of Von Zipper sunnies. Awesome thanks so much Bro.


Then one of my favorite families in japan arrived, The Nonaka Family of Yasuo ,Sanae, Tane and Riku. I meet them at the same time I did Kii chan, back in NZ at Treble Cone about 10 yrs ago.  The kids came to run the last bit with me. So great to see their smiles and get this great fan and hugs from them. Thanks so much for making the drive to come say hi.



I also found out today that DMShapes are sold just down the road where I will run tomorrow so going to drop in and say hi. I had a fun day today and looking forward to tomorrow’s run via Kamakura.

Best of luck to everyone who is running the Mt Fuji Ultra marathon at the mo. You guys and girls are so strong. Enjoy it.

Here is a map of todays run    Click Here

2 thoughts on “Day 49, Gotemba to Chigasaki

  1. Hi Jup, I always enjoy reading your diary blogヽ(´ー`)ノ
    You came to Chigasaki where I was brought up!!!! and you are going to Kamakura tomorrow(≧∇≦)b
    I wish I was there with you(:_;) Please get Kamakura Daisy’s Cafe where is in Hase of Kamakura on rute 134 when you have the time, we always support you!! hope you are blessed with fine weather!!
    Kokoro wa Hitotsu! GANBARE JUP!!!

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