Day 48, Climbing Mt Fuji and a bit of a run.




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Up at 4am and out the door at 4.30 as we had a hour drive to get to the 5th station were we would start walking up from. It was raining but he forecast was for sunshine. On the way up we saw this Deer, great to see some wild life.



Once we got up there it started to clear and we were off. I was pretty keen to get to the top but with fresh snow and a seriously cold wind I wasn’t sure if we would, The last time I came up about 3 yrs ago it was super windy just at the top so I kinda knew what it could be like.





As U can see in the photos the wind was up but off we went. The views here are just amazing . Shingo’s first time at Fuji so was a special day for him too.  Check out these views and us wandering up the hill.






I had my board with me and Shingo had his sledge, he is a super gun skier but didnt bring them so the sledge it was and with crazy racing icey conditions it would be funny to see how he went. There was only about 3 others that we saw that came up after us. We boxed on until the first hut which is 7th Station. The wind was howling and Shingo didnt have the best warm gear off and I thought that it wasn’t going to get any better or the wind would drop as I said lets not go up any more, No need to push on if it aren’t going to be super nice.

I had my trusty CHOP beanie on today , have missed him, been to hot here to give him a run. As we were going down Shingo had a slide and shit did he move fast, almost couldn’t stop. I then got on the board in a few pockets of pow that the wind had made. Was great to do a few turns.


Once down I thought it was still early so I would do 20kms of tomorrows run today as we were going to have to drive back up the hill to get to the start point and when we were here why not, Not much else to do. SO I changed the snowboard boots for my NB runners and as it was all down hill I smashed into it and did 2hr half marathon, haven’t run that fast all trip and was good to stretch the pins out.  yeah I know its not that fast but it is for me.


One back in Gotenba we looked back up the hill and this is what we saw. Fuji at his best. SO MAGIC.I ran 21kms today after our climb.


Here is the map of where I ran today        Click Here

2 thoughts on “Day 48, Climbing Mt Fuji and a bit of a run.

  1. Jup-san OTUKARESAMA!!! and great pics!!!!!
    Sorry you guys couldn’t make it to the top, but glad you guys had fun ride on the fresh snow!!!!
    After the great view of Fuji-san from the bottom early in the morning, it got so cloudy and it was so gray around there, so I was wondering how your climbing was going. But the sky is so blue and it gorgeous!!!!
    Have a great day tomorrow, and it was great meeting you!

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