Day 47, Shinkanbara to Mt fuji gate at 1460m




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Shingo and I were off to a great start today , refreshed and powered up from Numazu . Again a huge thanks to Aika.

The sun was out and we could just see Mt Fuji, I was sure it would pop out but the cloud just didnt go. This was the best shot we could get all day. So sorry, We are off up him tomorrow and the forecast is for sun shine so be ready.


As I climbed out of sea level the houses disappeared and the beautiful forrest and bush came back, So nice to run in . I was going to be running up hill all day but was ready for it and have been working on my fitness latterly so should be sweet.



Got Shingo a awesome camp chair yesterday so he was out chill in the sun and he got some shots of me along the way.



We also found some late Sakura trees, must be the temp around here to make them a bit late. Like today we started at 25 and at the end it was down to 12 and we were breathing white out of our mouths. the fog came in and it was damn cold.


A while back I was real bored and it was pissing down with rain and I dropped into a second hand golf shop and got my self a sand wedge but as my back wasn’t to good I haven’t used it at all, But today I pulled it out and gave it a swing, Oh Yeah I think Im almost back to normal. Felt good to twist again , won’t push it but for sure will be looking for a driving range to drop into one day soon.

Shingo didnt bring his ski’s so we have been looking for a sledge for him to ride down from the top of Fuji . He reckons he is going to set a new word record tomorrow for getting down so should be pretty funny to watch,. Ill have my board with me and the camera will be rolling. First time for him to so we are both excited. Will be a early start as the weather can change so fast here and is normally good in he morning.

I ran 38kms today which isn’t heaps but was all up hill, went from 0 to 1460m in that 38kms. not bad for a old bloke.

Tonight I had a call from Okinawa again from Jujumo at Toyomi Fm radio, They did another quick interview to let everyone know what and where we are. So amazing that they keep ringing. Thank you so so much. xxxxx

Here is the map of todays run    Click Here 

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