Day 46, Day off in Numazu




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After a nice sleep in we chilled for a bit then had my super special friend Aika here in the yellow shorts come picked us up to go to school for lunch and some games with the kids of 5th grade. Aikas friend Mifune here in this shot, Oen Arigatou.



We then headed off to meet the kids and have a chat and play some games together. Has been ages since the last school in Hikimi so I was excited .










I had so much fun today with Daiyon shogakou (school) they were so friendly and welcomed me amazingly. The principal and teachers were awesome too and made us feel so at home. We even got to eat a lunch like the kids do which was yummy. Huge thanks for the awesome donation that all the kids put in. I will never forget today and will come back and see you when Im finished. We played a heap of games and ran a few laps of the field. SO much energy and some great questions when we had a chat.

Then we chilled for a couple of hours before we were off to our evening event . We met up with Aika and her awesome friends and a great group of people for a 5km run. They had all signed a T-shirt for me with wishes of good luck and to keep strong all the way to the end. Feeling pretty special and lucky right now which is just what I needed and will live off for a long time. Arigatou!!!!










Aika made this day happen in every way and I can’t say thank you to her for putting so much effort into it for us. She got so many people to all come together and they did amazingly, even her mum and dad came down with little Reece who is possibly one of the cutest kids in the world and ran with me. Thanks Reece great to see you again bro.

I made some great new friends today and will for sure be back . In these last photos you can see me by a plant box. they are planting those 4 plants and will grow them in my name and for this run. I have never had that before and feel so special. Huge thanks to Kouji and Tomoko for helping plan and organize the evening.  I have a lot of new energy and power to head into the next 8 or 9 days of running . We have a fun week ahead and I can’t wait to get into it.

Big thanks to Toki san and his friend Noda san in numazu , Noda san offered to give me a massage but I just didnt have the time. Thankyou .

HUGE thank you to Shingo who was on the camera all day taking these great shots, It is a hard job just hanging around all day as Rick in NZ knows, Great to have someone just like Rick again in my close team. Honto ni arigatou.

Numazu Honto ni Arigatou, Oen mecha ureshikata desu. Saiko.

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