Day 44, Hamamatsu to Rokugo




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What a awesome morning, It was going to be a hot one,

Watanabe san made us a wicked breakie and we packed up the camp and headed off to the start point, Said the goodbyes to our new friend Ko chan and a huge thank you to the camp team for donating our nights accom.



Watanabe san had brought me some gear from Gregory, They have come on board and are with me all the way to India, I got a couple of bags and they are great, Lots of well thought pockets and great design in the duffle bag, U can throw it on like a backpack as well. Thankyou so much .


I had another special guest arrive today all the way from NZ, Yasuyo (yoyo) turned up for the day on her way back to see her folks in Hiroshima, Me and dad stayed with her family when we ran though there, Great to catch up , Yoyo ran 10kms with me. Then she put on a Kidzania Headband which as you can see was pretty funny, Lots of looks from the locals and it wasn’t me this time.



Shingo has been great , keeping me feed and packed up with lots of water when ever I need it. Thanks so much bro.


He has also been on the camera and taking a few shots, we are in Shizuoka now and it is famous for Macha tea. As you can see the buses are everywhere.





I have being searching hard but today was the first day I found Roadkill, I have only seen butterflies and bugs but today I smelt this along way away.

Shingo and yoyo got a few shots of me trying to smash this day out , I had a long feeling day today. Not sure what it was but time went real slow. We did 50kms today. It was super hot so maybe that was what it was.



It has been a while but tonight me and Shingo just had to go for sushi. I love it, Not like NZ or over seas we ate heaps and for 3 of us it only cost $40. So cheap and yum.

Tomorrow is the last day before we get to Numazu where we get a holiday, Has been 8 days of running and we make a huge mile stone tomorrow, Im real excited for this one. Will be putting in more donations tomorrow so will give you a update of how we are going.

Here is a map of todays run    Click Here

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