Day 43, Gamagori to Hamamatsu (Shizuoka)




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Me and Shingo woke to a beautiful day, this was the view from our window at Listel Hamanako. It is the first time I have been here and wow it is nice. Ochiai san has been amazing and sorted so much for me.


We meet at 7am and headed for the start at Gamagori station. I had a big day again and a few fun things to do along the way.

Here are a few shots of the day the Shingo and I took,



My team for the day, we had 2 vans going along at the same time, One called Ave and one called Delhiboy.


This is Ochiai san in his super bike look, he was on this super scooter in the back ground.


Along the way I was lucky and we had 2 newspaper interviews. here is Kato san , thanks so much for taking the time to come out.


We ran 35kms down to the beach and then me and Ochiai san went down and he got his little white legs out and ran 5kms with me , Only to almost die before Taro san came to finish of the beach run, It was great to not be on the road and listening to the waves.



Today we came from Aichi to Shizuoka Prefectures.


We arrived at Hamamatsu station at 5pm and I had done 59kms . A bit longer than I thought but the body just kept going which was good. Team Listel were amazing and followed me the whole day, Also they had made these t-shirts. Thankyou so so much.

We then headed to todays camp, Yep we have a night at Ryuro Kaiyo koen.   Not a lot of people here which was great, Weather is great and no wind so perfect for camping out. A huge thanks to Saito san who has looked after us, Big thanks to the boss for inviting us.


We were a little late and Watanabe san from Outland Japan has come down to sees us and had already set up the tents, got all the food ready, So awesome to have him here, shame Kazu couldn’t come but will see him in a few days when we get to Tokyo.  They have been so so busy sorting so much for us and to find support all over Japan. Thankyou so much



Great just to be chilling outside and not in a hotel, Adds something different to the run too and I get to do what I love to do.

Here is the map of todays run,     Click Here 

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