Day 41, Shinyokaichi to Yatomi




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


The clouds were here and a cold as wind had come along when we left the hotel at 7.30am . I wanted to get a early start as we had 62kms to do today and there was a mountain to climb in the first 30kms.

Straight off we headed in tot he hills and the views were awesome. I love being out in the middle of nowhere, there were a few cars and trucks but a narrow road and rivers all over the place it was pretty special.




Hazuki gave me a ring and said “hey look over the red bridge when you come round ” so I did and she had found this awesome little place . the owner of this shop and his wife were so nice. They wish us a safe trip and even dropped in a donation, we haven’t had one for a few days so was great to get one. Nice find Hazuki.   I will get more photos up tomorrow.



I had had a call from Mie Tv which  had been set up by Ochiai san again. magic work bro. They came align way to find us just as I had come out of a 4kms long tunnel . We did a interview and then they followed us down the road for a bit. I say us because Azusa Ito arrived out of the blue at the same time to come run with me. I meet Azusa because she is in the Japan Mogul team, So awesome to have her join me.


Hazuki was busy on the camera again today and also in finding cool spots along the way, here are some shots she got.



This first photo is Azusa when she first arrived and we ran 5kms together before saying good bye and then when I had 5kms to go for the day I was running over a long bridge to then hear a “JUP” from a passing car. At the next traffic lights I see a girl running towards me and it was Miki Ito ,Azusa’s sister. She had heard that her sis had run and wanted to too so they had driven over a hour to come see me. Amazing . I had a great day today, lots of smiles and laughs. Thanks so much Ito sisters.


We finished the day at Yatomi station at 5pm which was a bit late than normal but a little was because me and hazuki lost each other for a bit, We had tried to take a couple of short cuts and had taken a different road each and then missed each other at the meeting point. so once we found each other again which thankfully wasn’t to long as I had no water and was a bit tired , I fueled up and we finished off.

Hazuki has been with me for 4 days and it was so much fun. Cant thank you enough Hazu, thanks for taking the time to join our run.


I have Shingo coming in the morning to be my new driver which is awesome, I was almost back on the buggy there.

Another 60 odd km day tomorrow so better sleep. Big fun week ahead with lots going on, so many people getting events going and also wanting to come run with me. Just what I need to get me charging along. Thankyou all so much.

A big thanks to Aika and the Numazu team who have been putting a lot of time into planning for my day off in Numazu, Im looking forward to meeting you all. Arigatou!!

Here is the map of todays run       Click Here

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