Day 40, Kyoto to Shinyokaichi (Shiga Prefecture)




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Today I went down to the train station to pick up Hazuki who was back to drive again(legend) and also Kay ( Katsuhiko Takashige) who was coming to run with me for the day.

We set Hazuki up with a direction and off we went.

Kyoto is a magic place and there are so many castles,  temples and shrines everywhere. You gotta come here if you come to Japan.


The sun was out but it wasn’t to hot . It was awesome to have Kay here as he has done so many adventures not just running ones, He has rode his bike across USA, ALASKA, AUSTRALIA  and NZ. So many trips and stories it was lots of fun listen to some of them, The time and Kms just flew by.




While we were out Hazuki was keeping herself busy in the van , here a few shots from her day.




This vending machine was selling fresh eggs.


We stopped in and had a lunch at 25kms and then headed back out to finish the 51kms we did today.

A easy day as I had someone to talk to . At the mo I have a small break at every 5kms, fill up the drink bottle and sometimes grab a snack.





Today’s root I had changed a little and had the help from Ochiai san, I think he set me up a bit as I followed his map and it went from the main highway to a small road to a grass road to this bush track, I was laughing and saying sorry to Kay as he was probably thinking does this guy know where he is going, to be honest I had no idea. haha  We needed a weed eater to cut our way though .Thanks Ochiai san, 🙂



We made it to our goal at 4.30, we did 51.5kms not a bad day out,  Kay has a couple of sites that you should all check out, he is doing some amazing things and we need more people like him, check out his Peace Run site HERE  

Also check out his blog as he has been a lot of places and in the future will take you a lot more. Click here   Kay’s Blog

I had a great day and are feeling refreshed, Thanks so much to my super crew Hazuki and to Kay for making the time to join me. I have had a lot of help from Ochiai san over the last 40 days and he has put together a lot of things that will be happening in the next 4 days, Lots of fun to come , Arigatou!!!

Here is todays run map       Click Here

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