Day 39, Nukata to Kyoto via Ichijo High School




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


Last night I pulled up at Hotel Seiryu thinking this could be expensive but with not many choices at hand I went in and asked for a room, As she was checking the prices for me I dropped in that I was running Japan for charity which I must say hasn’t worked at all yet But it was my lucky day, They gave me the room for half price, Awesome !!!!! So I went up to it and wow it was so nice, a view that you can just sit and look at all day. A huge thank you to the team at Hotel Seiryu.


Yesterday I forgot to get a photo of my new crew member hazuki, She is with me for the next 3 days, helping me hugely, I was about to get the buggy out and hazuki said she could help, Cant thank you enough, Arigatou!!

We set off to find the road that we were heading over to Nara and the old dude I asked said you won’t get that car over thats road, its real narrow is said so off we went, it was a 2 way road with enough room for one, SO I drove for a bit to get us somewhere that was a bit easier. Real old houses and road which was great. A very nice drive and place to run or walk.



After about 5kms driving I jumped out and ran the rest and we got to my old school that I went to when I was 16 right on 10.30 . I did a exchange here at Ichijo high school back in 1989, I was here for 3 months. I have only been back once since then about 6 yrs ago and thought I should drop in so I did.

There was only 1 teacher left ,Mr Kijima.  I rang and asked Mr Ikezumi who didnt know me at all if I could come say hi and at first he was not sure but after talking with Mr Kijima they said yes to us dropping in. Once I got there it was all sweet and we had a good catch up and I told them about our adventure. I didnt get to talk with the kids as I only gave them 1 days notice but it was great to get to say hi again.



Also one of my great friend Keiko who had come to Wanaka on a school exchange to came and said hi with her kids. The girls had made me a poster but forgot it at home but they wanted to run with me for a bit so we raced up the road to the Ichijo sign.

Thankyou so so much for coming to say hi and all the drinks. Great to catch up .


It was 11am by the time we left there and i had only done 15kms so had a bit of running to do yet. I headed off not feeling in the mood at all . Lucky my legs will just go and do it somehow so off I went thinking of how I could get my mind to follow, Only one thing when I get like that and its MUSIC, something about a good blasting of Psy Trance to get me smiling and running well again.  I got a few shots as I danced my way up the road.



A yummy Banana to keep me going.



Hazuki was playing around with the camera and got a few sweet shots, Here are my great 1080 shoes from New Balance, They have sorted me out with some great gear , I have this pile of shoes which I use.  They also helped out and got all my t-shirts sign written which is a huge thing, It costs and takes time but Takikawa san was great and got it done for me. Thankyou so much for all your help .


We arrived at Kyoto train station at 4pm ,a little slower than yesterday but I was feeling heaps better  than the morning. I dropped Hazuki off and she went home  and I went on the search for a hotel. I found this one and well it is a sweet pad, Living it up tonight a bit aye.


Todays run was 47kms  with a  few hills and a bit of city running. It rained a little bit but was around 25 degrees again. Tomorrow I have a special guest runner coming for a run with me. His name is Katsuhiko san. He has run Japan already once and also America(5000kms) and is about to run Japan again. He will be with me tomorrow which is great. I would say we will have lots to talk about and share adventures. Should make tomorrows 50kms disappear nicely .

Here a map of todays run       Click Here

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