Day 38, Kobe to Nukata via Osaka Castle




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First things first a HUGE Happy Birthday to Haluka ( my step daughter) who is 16 today, Hope you had a awesome day halu. Miss you so much.

Today I was going to be in the city and running between lights and dodging bikes. I had a new driver Hazuki who is back home from Aussie and great to be able to catch up with her in Japan. Hazuki is with me for 4 days, great to keep the van rolling along.

One of my awesome sponsors is Gatorade and thy have just released (Today) a new drink called RUN. A new favor which is really nice, Not so sweet and refreshing, A lot of these drink are pretty sweet and you can’t drink to much but this one u can, Nah Im not just saying that. it is bro True.


Hazuki came along and her dad came to and he ran with me today from the start, Great to have him with me I really love having people come with me, Makes the run fun.  Then as we crusied along heading for Osaka Castle I got a call from Hiroki who I had met in Okinawa at a backpackers.  He had grabbed a couple of mates and met us about 8kms out of the castle. We ran in together.They guided me there the busy streets of the city.






Not sure how many lights we waited for but I tell you I ran a lot of red lights or I would have still been running now.


Then we made the castle and man it is big, It has this awesome Mout around it, yes I know this is not how you spell it, but u know what I mean. if u ever come to osaka u gotta check it out, u can go right inside it too.



Hazuki’s dad Kouichi had run 28kms with me today and when I got to the castle I found him enjoying a beer , great to see the boys at home would be proud of you.

Here was time to say bye to the boys as 2 had taken a long lunch time to come join us, now that doesn’t happen much in japan. They had also made this great t-shirt , thank you so so much guys.


SO I dropped in and got a quick snack and was off to finish up the day . I did 48kms today which takes our total up to 1595kms,

I are feeling really good in the legs now and the fitness is coming along nicely.As I got near the end I started to climb and when I got to the end I was at the bottom of a big hill which I gotta climb first thing in the morning.  I dropped hazuki off at the station and found myself a hotel and check out my view. Not to bad aye bro’s.


about 10yrs ago I met a family of skiers, well 4 kids who were all guns on the skis. The Kusunoki family, They came to Wanaka every year and skied, They live here in Osaka so I dropped in to say hi and had a great dinner with them. Great to see them and shame that Remi and Taisuke weren’t there but awesome to see mum and dad and shingo and hiroki again. Thankyou so much and big thanks to hiroki for driving me home .

So a fun day for me and a beautiful sunny day. Thanks everyone

Here is the map of todays run   Click Here

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