Day 37, Day off in Kobe.




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Weekly レポートはこちらから


A early start as I had a interview with Radio NZ Morning report team. They called me at 5.55am Japan time and we recorded a interview, Great to have this support from Home. Then I went back to bed for a hour or so but couldn’t really sleep.

Then I sorted a few things and was off to Koshien Kidzania  in Osaka. I have been talking a lot with Cory who works in Tokyo Kidzania and he had sorted everything with Nishiwaki (Joe) in Koshien. Joe and his team have been busy getting some schools to be apart of our run. It was awesome to have this to keep me going for the last month. Kidzania is where the kids come and learn about all sorts of different work places and can have a go at them, Like working in a petrol station or sports gym, Firebridge and police. So much fun for them, They even learn how to use money and Atm’s .

You can check out more about Kidzania    Click Here


There was signs up everywhere advertising that I was going to be coming, Awesome to see and made me feel great.


As I was waiting to run on to stage I saw these kids having a go at putting out a house which was on fire and then filling the car up with petrol.


Then we got the call and I ran in to a big cheer. Yumi san was there to introduce me and we did a little chat Before the kids from different schools came on and gave me some signed Headbands that kidzania had made and we will join them all together at the end .

The kids are so cute and they all wished me a good trip .






Then we went out and talked to everyone who was walking around and sitting down at lunch, I told them about what I was doing and go them to sign some more headbands.






So cool to watch the kids writing as some of them can only just write and to watch them trying to remember how to write was pretty cute. I was no good to them as I can’t write either. Sorry kids.

Then we had some lunch and I got to meet some of the staff , there is about 700 floor staff here, amazing to watch it all work so smoothly. There was about 600kids going though the doors today.

AS I went to go home I ran into a few kids that had seen me inside and now felt more at home with talking to me, always takes 30 mins or so and then it is so much fun to talk to them, We got a few photos . Thankyou all so so much for making my day off so much fun and make me super charged for the next 8 days on the road. Big thanks to the staff , Especailly Joe and Yumi for looking after me .ALso to Cory in Tokyo , Ill see you there in under 2 weeks. thank you so much.


Then I headed back towards the hotel where I went and made up some more business cards to hand out along the way. Chilled out for a while and then I was off to meet to of my favorite girls . Akemi and Aya. I have known them for maybe 10 yrs now. they use to come to Nz snowboarding . Aya was super awesome and picked up dad when he arrived into japan. We had a great dinner before I had to get back to get ready for a big week ahead. I have found a driver for the next 4 days, Hazuki who I meet also in NZ maybe 15yrs ago. She just happened to be back in Japan and is helping me out. So great and a big relief.

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