Day 36, Sumoto to Kobe




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After our night in the most expensive cabin in Awaji Shima, haha we headed off towards Kobe. Noyuri was a bit worried about driving by herself but she did such a great job, I knew she would but it had been 12 yrs since she drove last.

It was overcast but a perfect temp for running. As we went north I got a few shots before it rained a little, but as soon as I put on my jacket it stopped. Lucky!


I found this place which must have had 100 tables all with BBQ’s right beside each other. I think it would be so busy and you might not be able to relax to much but I suppose it is better than not having a Bar be. Then as I looked around I found this huge house up on the hill, it was massive, u can see the normal little Japanese house in the back.


From a long way away I could see this real tall standing thing but wasn’t sure what it was but as I got closer I found it was this HUGE statue. It was pretty cool, you can go up and look out from just under the head.


Even the man holes have a design on them.  I also found a new flower today .


We went 32kms and then we were at the top of Awaji Shima and there was this bridge that I couldn’t run over so I drove over and we headed into the city. Noyuri didnt want to drive in it so I took her to Kobe train station.


Being Golden week and the last day, the trains were super crazy busy and as Non chan had to get back to Tokyo we went to check if she could get a ticket. She was lucky and got one so I said a huge thank you as she had got me here and I could now plan how I was going to get the van and me through the next week without having to go back and get the van. Thank you so much for the last 4 days of driving Noyuri.

I then left her there and I drove to the hotel where I would stay and dropped the van off, jumped on the train and went back to where we crossed the bridge and I ran the rest of the day to the finish. I had to make sure I got as much in as possible.

Here is a few shots in the last 15kms though the city. I did 47km all up today which was just perfect as I got to have a rest in the middle.


As I walked around I saw this and thought I better show you. This is PACHIKO, it is a gambling game that everyone plays. Pachiko is everywhere, I have only played it once just to have a go and yep I won, it is very noisy inside but super popular.

While I have been in Japan over the last 10yrs I have worked at the Mogul World Cup  and I am lucky to have met a lot of people, one is Yoneda san, she is one of the super translators who look after all the top bosses of the WC. She rang me and then came down to take me out to dinner and say hi. So great to catch up as it has been a couple of yrs. Thank you so much, you made my evening.

With Noyuri having to go back and dad now back in NZ I was alone again with a van and no driver. I had been thinking all week what am I going to do, and all I could think of was that I would have to drive it forward about 6 days of running and have it close to where Deejane and Anooska will meet me, and then train back to Kobe and then run and push my buggy again. I wasn’t real keen on this idea as my back is kinda getting better and having to push the buggy again might make it get worse again. It is just holding enough for me to run but is pretty sore at night and in the mornings til I warm up.

Then as I was planning my day for tomorrow I got a mail from Hazuki who has been living in Aussie but is home for a while saying that she wanted to help out some how. I rang and asked what she was thinking and when and what would you know but she can is going to drive the van for me for the next 4 days. Oh damn I’m so lucky sometimes and amazed at how this happens when I really need it. I love my friends and they are always there for me when I need them the most. Look after your friends as much as you can and one day when you really need them they will be there for you. I so believe this.

So we are back on and I can run free and we can keep going forward. Awesome news and makes me so happy. Thank you so much Hazuki and family. xx

I had an email from  Sophia at Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report in NZ and they want to do a radio interview in the morning. So stoked to know that NZ is following this run. You are why I have the power to keep going now when I’m alone and running up the road. I am feeding off the power you gave me last year and I am so happy to have you with me on this run. SO I have a early start as it is a 9am interview NZ time which is 6am Japan time. So I had better get to bed. I have an event at Kidzania in Osaka at lunch time too which will be great fun. Looking forward to meeting the staff and kids.

Sweet dreams.

Here is map of todays run   Click Here  

5 thoughts on “Day 36, Sumoto to Kobe

  1. Hi Jup
    I live in Hachioji, Western Tokyo. Not working at the moment, just renovating our house. If you get stuck for a driver again I may be able to help. My number is 080 65997222. I will probably come and join you when you get close to Fuji-san.
    Best regards
    Chris Darvall
    I’m Australian, I won’t tease you if you don’t tease me.

    • Hey Chris, great to hear from you, that would be great, I’m pretty stuck for a driver most of the time really, got someone for the next 4 days and then still waiting to hear back from another friend, but I really need someone so Ill give u a call tomorrow for sure, yeah u should bring your board or skis and come with me up Fuji, going to be a great day I hope for it.
      talk soon bro, of course we will tease each other, haha

      • Hey Jup
        I would like to come and hang out some time this week. I can see where you are each night but how do I catch you on the road?

      • Hey Chris, That would be great bro, give me a call 08060538565. if you ring me the day before I can sort out where and what time to be where you can come too. Thanks so much . look forward to meeting you.

      • Hi Jup and Shingo
        Thank you once again for a very moving and enlightening time. What a great way to meet people and see the world while helping it. Thanks for your time and effect. I will try to be there at there end with my family. Best of luck in the race tomorrow and the rest of the run south.
        Best regards.
        Chris Darvall

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