Day 35, Tokushima to Sumoto (Awaji Shima)




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We woke to a super sunny morning and this was the view from our room. Sad day as dad was heading home today and my crew would lose its founding member. The last few days I have had 5 people cruising the streets of Japan with me and it has been awesome. I have loved to have someone to talk to at every stop. Only Noyuri is here now but she also has to go back to work so is heading home after we get to Kobe tomorrow afternoon.

I got a couple of shots along the way again. The iPhone is doing a good job still even though I have dropped him a couple of times.




The road I ran today had a couple of bridges and one of them I wasn’t allowed to run, so I got to jump in the van and drive over. It worked in perfect with taking Ronnie to the bus that would take him to Osaka Airport. A sad moment but was so great having dad here with me. He had a good time and tried so many new foods and things and also drove on some pretty busy roads, big change from back in NZ. Hope you had an awesome trip home Ronnie.


We arrived in Sumoto in Awaji shim at 3 pm which was great to finish early, with the bridge that I couldn’t run I only had to run 42kms today. An easy day after the last 8 days of over 55km each. We rang around heaps of hotels but all full so ended up here in this cabin on the beach, but damn it is expensive for the box that it is. Never mind still got a roof.

Dad had the Zoom lens out and got me disappearing over the bridge that I could cross and then this other one is the big one heading out of Shikoku.



We went to a Sento for a bath tonight as our box doesn’t have one and man it was busy, like showering with the whole town, then dinner. Then as we got back home with a full moon I got the camera out and had a go at getting some night shots. It was pitch black but the camera pulled everything out of the moon and I got these shots. Not bad aye. Some kids had some fireworks going and you can kinda see the lights in them too.



One more day tomorrow and we will be in Kobe and back on the main island Honshu. A big 10 days of running and a few hundred kms, I could be back to pushing the buggy for a few days as I have no one to drive my van, really don’t want to again but gotta keep this run going forward. Anooshka and Dee Jane will be here around the 11th or 12th and I can’t wait to see them, that’s what will get me through these next few days.

Here is the map of todays run     Click here

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